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Cider Mill Scentsy Bar Dynamite Scents

Fill Your Cup with the Scnts of the Cider Mill Scentsy Bar!

Say goodbye to Summer and welcome in the changes that come with the Fall season and the Cider Mill Scentsy Bar. As if the chill autumn breeze and changing color of the trees wasn’t enough…you now have the comforting scent of Cider Mill to help ease you through the winter chill! The perfect Scent for autumn is finally here, don’t miss out on this wonderfully seasonal opportunity here!

Cider Mill brings together fresh apples, crushed pumpkin, and simmering spices for a cozy autumn treat.


Cider Mill Scentsy Bar Dynamite Scents

Cider Mill & Scarecrow, the Perfect Match

By combining the ever fragrant Scent of the Month Cider Mill with the Warmer of the Month The Scarecrow Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM, not only do you get to enjoy the newest Scntsy scent, you also satisfaction of getting both at 10% off for the entire month of October! Why not make a friend from the fields!?!? Scarecrow features a lovable face with button eyes, patchwork details, and a removable brick-red hat that conceals the warmer’s dish. A twine “necklace” and autumn flower add extra personality.

Scarecrow Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM Dynamite Scents

Scarecrow Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM Dynamite Scents


Take in All that ASutumn has to Offer with Cider Mill

Did you know, Cider Mill comes in both Room Spray and Scent Circle? Giving you the ability to add a quick burst of fragrance to any place at any time of night or day. The autumn season is here, and what better time is there than right now, to partake in the perfect addition to your home. Partake in these opportunities now before the month of October is gone and these specialty scentsy deals disappear. Get your hands on the Cider Mill Scentsy bar and the Scarecrow Scentsy warmer PREMIUM today!





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