Scentsy Scent of the Month Cider Mill



Cider Mill Scentsy Bar Dynamite Scents

Fill Your Cup with the Scnts of the Cider Mill Scentsy Bar!

Say goodbye to Summer and welcome in the changes that come with the Fall season and the Cider Mill Scentsy Bar. As if the chill autumn breeze and changing color of the trees wasn’t enough…you now have the comforting scent of Cider Mill to help ease you through the winter chill! The perfect Scent for autumn is finally here, don’t miss out onContinue reading

Scentsy Custom Gifts: Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

Scentsy Custom Gifts: Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

Custom Gifts Warmers Dynamite Scents

Scentsy Custom Gifts: Customize

Customize… personalize… and make them your own! Welcome to Scentsy custom gifts. Why bother with the same boring business gifts when you can give your customers, employees, or associates something they’ll actually love to use and display? With Scentsy Business Gifts, you can easily create a gift package tailored toContinue reading

Scent of the Month – Watermellon Mint

july 2013 scent of the month watermelon mint Dynamite Scents

Welcome, the Watermellon Mint Scentsy Bar!

Hello family and friends! Have you been enjoying the summer heat as much as I have? I hope so, but if you answer is no, fear not for I have wonderful news! The brand new Watermellon Mint is here to cool you off and chill you out. I mean what better way is there to share in the summer fun than with a new Scentsy fragrance and warmer for the month of July 2013? This month’s fragrance takes Continue reading