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If you love Scentsy, you’ll really love Combine and Save. Choose from a variety of cost-saving bundles. From “buy five, get one free” fragrance selections to options that include warmers, Scentsy Bars, and Fragrance on the Go, there is a Combine and Save bundle for any occasion and any budget.

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See what’s new at Scentsy! Each month we feature five products—praise-worthy warmers, delectable fragrances, convenient Fragrance On the Go picks—and share them with you. If you need a great gift idea or are new to the Scentsy experience, check out these recommendations first!


Express your individuality and make a statement in any room with a Full-Size Scentsy Warmer. Available in a variety of styles and colors. Approximately 4.5” wide and 6” tall.

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Refresh your home with Scentsy’s authentic wickless candles. Simply break off portions of your favorite Scentsy Bars and add them to a warmer for long-lasting fragrance! Available in more than 80 scents.


 Add Scentsy style to smaller spaces with the Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer. Available in a variety of styles and colors. Approximately 4” wide and 5” tall.


The Scentsy Buddy is the perfect cuddly companion, always ready with a big dose of comforting fragrance. Just insert a Scent Pak into its zippered pocket to bring your Buddy to life with scrumptious scent! For children ages 3 years old and up. Each includes one Scent Pak.


 With Plug-In Scentsy Warmers, you still get amazing fragrance in even the smallest spaces. Now available in a range of colors and designs, each plug-in features a detachable base, making it quick and easy to change fragrances.


One spray fills a room with your favorite Scentsy fragrance. Available in all fragrances, including Odor Out.


Our logo never smelled so good! Packed with fragrance, each Scent Circle will give you Scentsy wherever you go. Available in all fragrances.


 Simply open your Travel Tin to release fragrance. The more you open it, the more scent you release. Available in 30 fragrances.